Sunday, January 2, 2011

How to Be the best in the World

It is a question that I have asked myself, How to Be the Best? well, let's start.

1.First, what do you want to be the best at? and why? if you have reasonable answers to these questions then you can move to the next step, if not then it will be impossible for me to tell you.  If you don't know what how are going to be the best, to be the best you have to do something that you enjoy and not necessarily something you are good at.

2.Look at the examples of people who are or have been the best and ask yourself what have they got that I do not? well if you look deep inside you'll see they are humans like you and me.

3.Practice makes perfect. You need a lot of experience in order to become the best in the world and practice can give you that remember that to be the best you need 90% dedication and hard work 9% talent and one percent luck.So even without talent you can become really good at it if you truly enjoy it.

4.Do It. Go and start doing it don't wait for tomorrow since you had to start yesterday and today you're late!

5.Look at the stars.At night go and look at a star and say you can go even higher than that, not just a star but the best star and if you can believe in what you just said then you can be the best.
Good luck!*
*(I just gave you the 1% luck!)